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Change Your Accent is a highly-effective and step-by-step accent reduction training program for individual and corporate clients who want to learn how to improve their English speaking skills. Our specialized accent coaches are Speech Therapists with Master’s degrees, and they target everything that is needed for clear speech, including English pronunciation, voice, social communication, and body language. Our accent reduction programs teach a standard North American accent used in most professional settings — ideal for both the US and Canada. With our help clients are soon on their way to making sure their accent effectively conveys who they are and what they want to say.

Developed by registered Speech Therapists who are clinical instructors at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, our accent training features testing, analysis and skill-building English speaking practice — including a comprehensive eBook and instructional videos. We focus on everyday English conversations so that clients can incorporate our accent reduction techniques into real life situations. Read our book “Change Your Accent: English Pronunciation for Success” and watch our videos to discover the benefits of accent reduction training.

Accent Reduction Benefits For Individuals

  • Get clear and confident speech using our comprehensive eBook or essential video lessons 
  • Learn from knowledgeable and highly-qualified accent coaches who are Master's trained Speech Therapists
  • Discover time-saving, focused accent training for rapid and efficient results
  • Use a comprehensive, tested and proven accent reduction method
  • Get free expert advice, with no obligation whatsoever, before you decide if accent training is right for you
  • Customize your learning by choosing from highly-effective accent reduction programs
  • Determine exactly how to change your accent so that your speech is the best it can be in everyday English conversations
  • Develop a goal-driven and results-oriented learning plan based on your individual needs
  • Learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home

Accent Reduction Benefits For Businesses

  • Receive culturally sensitive accent training for employees that embraces diversity
  • Recruit and retain employees who speak English as a second language
  • Supplement your existing services with our specialized online accent reduction training
  • Engage employees by providing access to leading and cutting-edge professional development opportunities
  • Provide effective accent reduction training so that employees aren’t held back in their careers
  • Drive productivity by strenghtening communication skills in your organization

Whether you are a business, a professional, a student or someone who just wants to be easily understood, our accent reduction training programs will show you how to easily change your accent. Whatever your goal — reducing misunderstandings, TOEFL speaking practice, getting a promotion or maybe sounding more like a local — you’ll learn how to use our scientific, proven accent reduction techniques in everyday English conversations.

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