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Woman receiving accent reduction from a speech therapist

Change Your Accent

One-On-One Program

$2,500.00 USD
Woman receiving accent reduction from a speech therapist

Our One-On-One accent reduction program is ALL about you and your specific English speaking needs. Our gold standard program is guaranteed to get results. With this program, you will work directly with your very own specialized Speech Therapist to achieve all of your speaking goals. These Master’s trained accent coaches take care of EVERY detail during your tailor-made program. And of course, our 300 page eBook and substantial video library is available to support your learning. From testing and developing a plan to hands-on practice — our One-On-One program has EVERYTHING covered!

First, your Speech Therapist does an in-depth speech assessment of your English pronunciation, reading aloud skills and conversational speech, using recordings and a one-on-one session. Our assessment of your English pronunciation analyzes English sounds for errors, substitutions, omissions and patterns. The level of detail is significant — we determine exactly what errors you’re making, the frequency of the errors and the impact of the errors on your English conversations. A comprehensive 4-5 page written report is provided, which details all of our assessment findings and makes clear recommendations on how to achieve your goals. The report is like a roadmap; it identifies your strengths and weaknesses and then systematically lays out what you need to do to achieve results. Then, in your next eight 60-minute sessions, you will meet with your Speech Therapist (using Skype or FaceTime) to learn key evidence based speaking techniques so you can easily change your accent. Hands-on practice, expert guidance and essential feedback are just part of the experience. In our One-On-One program, you will receive EVERYTHING you need to get real results and super-charge your speech!


Key Features

  • Work Directly With Your Own Master’s Trained Speech Therapist
  • In-depth Accent Assessment Using Recordings and a One-On-One Session - Evaluates Everything from English Pronunciation to Conversation
  • Thorough Analysis of English Pronunciation - Examines All English Sounds for Errors, Substitutions, Omissions and Patterns
  • Comprehensive 4-5 Page Written Report – Detailed Information on Your English Pronunciation, Voice, Melody, and More, Including Clear Speech Strategies
  • Written Plan of Action Revealing the Systematic Steps Needed to Change Your Accent
  • Eight 60-minute sessions with a Master's Trained Speech Therapist for Hands-On Practice of Key English Speaking Skills, Targeted Feedback and Expert Guidance

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Over 300 page eBook - Includes Self-Testing, Skill-Building Materials and Key Techniques
  • 1 Year Unlimited Access to Over 50 Instructional Videos - Learn How to Say Sounds, Practice Everyday Phrases, Use Clear Speech Strategies and More

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