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Change Your Accent


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SUPERCHARGE Your Speech with Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Accent Training For Fast Results!

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“The Change Your Accent book is so well-structured that I can find what I need to
practice immediately. All the concepts are explained in a simple manner, and are
coupled with examples and practice sections that are applicable to real-life
communication.” —Alice Li, Masters Degree Student

Whatever your goal – getting your dream job, passing the TOEFL, or improving your English pronunciation — you’ll get exactly what you need to succeed! Our cost-effective eBook is comprehensive, tested and proven to work. Our systematic approach was developed by expert Speech Therapists and accent coaches with over 40 years of combined experience. Learn to speak clearly and confidently when you administer self-testing, build essential skills and practice key speech techniques. Focus on English pronunciation, grammar, voice, melody and social and nonverbal communication. Your confidence will soar as you improve your English speaking skills in everyday situations! 

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Key Features

  • Rapid and Effective Results with a 300+ Page Step-By-Step Accent Guide
  • Test your Speech to Find Out Exactly Which Key Speaking Skills to Target
  • Improve Pronunciation, Grammar, Voice, Social Communication, and Nonverbal Skills
  • Easy Skill-Building Exercises to Change Your Accent and Speak Clearly and Confidently in English
  • Proven Accent Method Developed by Experienced and Highly Qualified Specialists
  • Learn Effective Key Techniques like Exaggeration and Simple Insider Tips
  • Focus on Conversations by Learning How to Start Conversations and Take Turns
  • Use Evidence-Based Methods like Scripts and Error-Free Learning for Maximum Results

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