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Employees learning how to improve English speaking skills for their jobs

Change Your Accent

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Employees learning how to improve English speaking skills for their jobs

Change Your Accent Consulting offers culturally-sensitive accent reduction training to corporate clients who work with non-native English speakers. Our Speech Therapists customize and deliver individual or group accent reduction programs using effective, science-based methods which are proven to work. Our programs ensure employees and clients have access to cutting-edge accent training which targets all of the English-speaking skills required for clear and confident speech.

If a company requires training for multiple employees, we provide an online education training program to meet their learning needs. If employees need help talking to customers on the phone or presenting to clients, we give them the speaking tools needed for success in that situation. Leaders can access our executive coaching program to target the exact speaking skills they want to improve, such as public speaking. Universities, ESL schools and Speech Therapists can use our online programs to give their students access to specialized accent reduction training. Our group workshops focus on practical solutions custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of any industry, including healthcare or engineering. By providing respectful training for employees and creating an atmosphere which embraces diversity, Change Your Accent helps to drive productivity and improve employee engagement!

Monthly Subscription Service - One monthly fee for multiple employees or clients to access our online accent training. Excellent for customer call centres, healthcare organizations and tech companies. Starts at just $250/month.

Affiliate Program - Ideal for Speech-Language Pathologists, University English language programs and ESL schools who want to supplement their existing curriculum by offering their students or clients access to specialized online accent reduction training.

Executive Communication Coaching - Customizable one-on-one sessions providing the exact skills needed to conquer any speaking situation (e.g., public speaking or conflict resolution).

Workshops and In-services - Tailor-made group accent training specific to the needs of the organization (e.g., helping Nurses to speak clearly, teaching call center operators to improve speech on the telephone, or training supervisors to empower linguistically diverse workforces).

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