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Speech Therapists

Speech Therapist providing accent reduction in Vancouver BCSpeech Therapists are highly qualified experts who specialize in treating communication difficulties, including accents. We strongly believe that accents add to the diversity of our society, but we also understand that accents can limit someone’s ability to be understood — and that this can affect their confidence and self-esteem. Speech Therapists hold Master’s degrees from accredited Universities and are generally registered with Health Colleges and certified by national associations such as ASHA or SAC. These Master's trained accent coaches know exactly how English sounds are made and how to change them — from tongue movements to vocal fold vibration. Accent training from specialized Speech Therapists will not only correct English pronunciation errors, it will improve melody, change voice quality, and impact nonverbal communication — ultimately, it will ensure people aren’t held back by an accent.
The field of accent reduction training in Speech Therapy is based on years of scientific research focused on assessing and treating communication difficulties. We understand exactly which techniques work for accent reduction and how to provide systematic and step-by-step guidance. Our evidence-based accent reduction programs incorporate proven techniques such as muscle memory, error-free learning and scripts. Plus, Speech Therapists approach therapy step-by-step, from simple to complex, and are always checking to ensure English speaking skills transfer to real-life situations. We focus on everyday English conversations so our clients can reach their full potential when talking.  No false promises — just clear scientific guidance that works!

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