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Services and Fees

Change Your Accent offers a variety of skill building options. Our successful programs, with simple yet practical methods, will change the way you communicate. 

Additional Speech Therapy Sessions

Additional one-on-one instructional sessions with a registered Speech Therapist ($150 per hour) can be booked for those clients who have completed our One-On-One Program.  Intensive sessions with your Speech Therapist (using Skype or Facetime) focus on correcting and improving key aspects of communication, including pronunciation. In our experience, most individuals who work one-on-one with a Speech Therapist and who regularly practice their new skills can significantly improve their accent in 6-8 sessions. 

How Long Does It Take to Change an Accent?

The time it takes to change an accent varies from individual to individual and depends on many factors, including the time spent practicing new skills.  If you are motivated and practice your skills regularly, you will improve.

Want to Move to the Next Program?

If you decide you’d like to move to the next program at anytime, simply send us an email and we will upgrade your program for the price difference between the programs. 

Refund Policy - All programs are non-refundable.



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