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Change Your Accent offers three accent reduction programs for individual clients — designed with results in mind. Clients can choose to learn independently with our eBook and videos or through one-on-one sessions with a Master's trained Speech Therapist. Both of our programs use a systematic and step-by-step approach. We always start with an accent assessment (either self-evaluation or by a Speech Therapist) where we identify exactly which areas of communication need attention. We then offer practical accent training solutions to strengthen each area. So if your English pronunciation is poor, we help you to correct your sound errors. All programs offer opportunities to practice English speaking skills in real-life situations using a number of key strategies and practical tools, such as scripts. No matter what your goals — passing the speaking section of the TOEFL, improving you business English or sounding like a local — we can help! 


Program Comparison


Comprehensive Resource Full of Critical Information


  • Rapid and Effective Results with a 300+ Page Step-By-Step Accent Guide
  • Test your Speech to Find Out Exactly Which Key Speaking Skills to Target
  • Improve Pronunciation, Grammar, Voice, Social Communication, and Nonverbal Skills
  • Easy Skill-Building Exercises to Change Your Accent and Speak Clearly and Confidently in English
  • Learn Effective Key Techniques like Exaggeration and Simple Insider Tips
  • Focus on Conversations by Learning How to Start Conversations and Take Turns
  • Thorough Analysis of English Pronunciation - Examines All English Sounds for Errors, Substitutions, Omissions and Patterns
  • Use Evidence-Based Methods like Scripts and Error-Free Learning for Maximum Results

We know that with our help, you can use our proven techniques in everyday speaking situations, and you can succeed!

Video Lessons

Essential Videos for Powerful Practice


  • Learn to Speak Clearly and Confidently with over 50 Highly Effective Accent Training Videos
  • Use an Interactive and Evidence Based Method to See, Hear and Copy North American Accents
  • Practice Saying English Sounds Clearly to Improve Pronunciation
  • Learn Powerful Techniques Like Linking, Phrasing and Resonance
  • Boost your English Speaking Skills with High Frequency Words and Everyday Phrases
  • Develop Foundational Speaking Skills Such as Slowing Down and Correcting Word Stress
  • Master Critical Clear Speech Techniques to Speak Confidently in Conversations
  • Save Time and Have Fun With Short, Engaging and Effective Video Training

We know that with our help, you can use our proven techniques in everyday speaking situations, and you can succeed!

One-On-One Program

Personalized Guidance from Experts with Guaranteed Results


  • Access All our Specialized Digital Content and Train Directly with a Master’s Trained Speech Therapist
  • In-depth Individualized Accent Assessment Using Recordings and a One-On-One Session
  • Complete Analysis of Speech with a Detailed Examination of English Pronunciation
  • Comprehensive 4-5 Page Written Report and Plan of Action with Systematic Steps for Change
  • Eight 60-Minute Sessions with a Master's Trained Speech Therapist for Hands-On Practice
  • Learn and Practice Key English Speaking Techniques with Experts
  • Benefit from Targeted Feedback and Expert Guidance
  • Be Assured of Success with our Guaranteed Results

We know that with our help, you can use our proven techniques in everyday speaking situations, and you can succeed!

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