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Accent reduction training in Vancouver

Change Your Accent offers simple and practical accent reduction programs for individuals and businesses in Vancouver and around the world. Our accent reduction training methods were developed by registered Speech Therapists who are clinical instructors at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Our mission is to ensure that no one is held back by an accent, and we are passionate about empowering people to improve their speech in everyday English speaking situations. Whether talking to your boss or speaking during a college entrance interview, we will teach you how English pronunciation, voice, social communication, and body language can effectively convey who you are and what you want to say.

Our accent reduction programs teach a standard North American accent used in most professional settings — ideal for both the US and Canada. Our Vancouver clients are seen in our offices or at their worksite, and clients in other parts of the world are seen via Skype or FaceTime. We know that with our accent reduction training, you will succeed in improving your speech in English!

Accent Reduction Training for Individuals - eBook, Videos or One-On One Program

Our accent reduction methods are effective for IT specialists, medical professionals, engineers, public speakers, actors, university students — really, anyone who wants to communicate more effectively in English. Individuals can choose to learn independently using our eBook and instructional video lessons or through private, individual one-on-one sessions with a Master's trained Speech Therapist. Our programs use a speech therapy assessment to identify exactly which areas of communication need attention. Instruction and practical accent reduction exercises are then provided to strengthen each target area. All of our accent training programs provide the tools for clients to practice English speaking skills in real-life situations using a number of key accent strategies — the objective is always to enable clients to reach their goals.

Accent Reduction Training for Businesses - Corporate Programs

Change Your Accent also works with corporate clients who hire non-native English speakers, and offers both individual and group accent reduction training for employees. Training targets all of the communication skills required on the job; if, for example, someone needs help talking to customers on the phone, we give them the tools needed for success in that situation. Our group training programs focus on practical solutions such as clear speech strategies, custom-tailored to meet the specific communication needs of any profession. By providing culturally-sensitive training for employees and creating an atmosphere which embraces diversity, Change Your Accent helps to drive productivity and employee engagement. Your employees will be happier and more successful — a good thing for any business! 


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