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Programs and Fees

Change Your Accent offers two simple and practical accent reduction programs, as well as specialized programs for businesses. All of our options are designed for maximum results. The choice is yours — with our effective accent reduction programs you can decide exactly which program is right for you!

eBook, Video Lessons or One-On-One Program

Our accent reduction programs for individual clients were designed with results in mind. Clients can choose to learn independently with our eBook, video lessons or through one-on-one sessions with a Master's trained Speech Therapist. Both of our programs use a systematic and step-by-step approach. We always start with an accent assessment (either self-evaluation or by a Speech Therapist) where we identify exactly which areas of communication need attention. We then offer practical accent training solutions to strengthen each area. So if your English pronunciation is poor, we help you to correct your sound errors. Both programs offer opportunities to practice English speaking skills in real-life situations using a number of key strategies and practical tools, such as scripts.

Corporate Programs

Corporate clients who hire non-native English speakers are offered both individual and group training targeting English speaking skills required on the job for employees. If employees needs help with talking to customers on the phone or presenting to clients, we give them the tools needed for success in that situation. Our group training programs focus on practical solutions, such as clear speech strategies, custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of that profession. By providing culturally sensitive training for employees that embraces diversity, we help drive productivity and employee engagement.



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