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Change Your Accent

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Video Lessons

MASTER Essential Speaking Skills with Powerful and Easy-To-Follow Video Lessons!

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“MC and Desh are leading innovators who use a modern, systematic approach that is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to modify their accent. Their method focuses on more than just pronunciation, and the videos are full of useful tools and tips for effective communication.” —Sharon Gould, Registered Speech Pathologist

Ensure fast and proven results with one-year unlimited access to over 50 essential video lessons. Developed by experienced and highly qualified experts, our method is comprehensive, tested and proven to work. Easy-to-follow instructions help you to see, hear, and copy a highly regarded North American accent from Speech Therapists with Master’s Degrees. Imitation is the key and our extensive video library will help you clearly say English sounds, high frequency words, and everyday phrases. Discover new key techniques for improving your voice, using contractions and stress, and speaking clearly in conversations. With our help, your accent will effectively convey who you are and what you want to say!

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Key Features

  • Learn to Speak Clearly and Confidently with over 50 Highly Effective Accent Training Videos
  • Use an Interactive and Evidence Based Method to See, Hear and Copy North American Accents
  • Practice Saying English Sounds Clearly to Improve Pronunciation
  • Learn Powerful Techniques Like Linking, Phrasing and Resonance
  • Boost your English Speaking Skills with High Frequency Words and Everyday Phrases
  • Develop Foundational Speaking Skills Such as Slowing Down and Correcting Word Stress
  • Master Critical Clear Speech Techniques to Speak Confidently in Conversations
  • Save Time and Have Fun With Short, Engaging and Effective Video Training

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