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Subscription Accent Reduction Services Add Value to Your Company and Employees

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  At Change Your Accent we believe that effective communication is the driver of success for any business. We have been providing effective accent reduction services for our diverse and multinational corporate partners — including those in technology, health care, finance, and construction for over 20 years. They tell us that using our innovative program has resulted in increased employee engagement, improvements in productivity, better staff retention, and greater customer satisfaction. Change Your Accent Consulting has now developed a simple, cost effective way for companies, large and small, to access culturally sensitive accent reduction services allowing employees to learn independently...

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Chinese Students Can Improve University Success With Accent Reduction

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Chinese international students in English-speaking countries are reported to have more difficulties adapting than students from other foreign speaking countries. Chinese students can ensure success in Western Universities by learning accent reduction techniques.

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Accent Reduction Explained: Exaggeration and English Pronunciation

  While exaggeration is not always recommended, for English pronunciation it is a powerful accent reduction technique that can be used to achieve clarity and precision. Exaggeration requires that the tongue and lips make full movements to form and “exaggerate” the English sound. Think of exaggeration as “over-doing” or “making the most” of the movements of your speech muscles. Exaggeration works best when we say all of the sounds in a word and when we slow down and give the speech muscles time to move from one position to the next.  At first exaggeration can feel strange, but eventually it...

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Accent Reduction Explained: English Pronunciation and Final Consonants

A common error that ESL speakers make when speaking English and learning English pronunciation is to leave out consonant sounds at the end of words. The reason for this is simple — some languages have different rules for using final consonants and in many languages there are fewer final consonants used than in English. In Mandarin, for example, the only sounds used in final position of words are n and ng. So when a Mandarin speaker learns English, it is often difficult for them to produce the final consonants in words. Teaching people to say the final sounds is a...

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Accent Reduction Explained: English Pronunciation of Vowels and Consonants

There are two types of English speech sounds  which are important for English pronunciation — vowels and consonants. Understanding both are important for speaking English better and changing your accent. Vowels are made when our airflow is shaped, rather than blocked, by our speech muscles. Three factors impact vowels: the height and location of our tongue in our mouth, whether our lips are rounded or not, and the length of the vowel sound. In English pronunciation there are also single vowel sounds and vowel sounds that glide from one vowel to another (known as diphthongs). So when we say the...

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