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The top 3 sound mistakes that impact your English pronunciation

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Although each language has its’ own unique set of sound substitutions when speaking English there are 3 major pronunciation mistakes that are common to every language. These mistakes are an easy fix, if you are aware of the problem. It’s often less about what sound you mispronounce (like saying “de” instead of “the”) and more about what sounds you don't say! Try using Change Your Accent’s top 3 simple accent reduction tips to instantly improve your English pronunciation.

  1. Don’t leave out any of the sounds in a consonant cluster (this is where there are two or more consonants together without a vowel separating them). Often people drop out at least one of the sounds to make the word easier to say. When you say a word like “string” you need to make sure you say each of the consonant sounds (“str”) clearly.
  1. Don’t drop off the final consonant sound in a word. Final consonant deletion is a very common problem for English pronunciation. The last sound in a word is just as important as the first when you are trying to reduce your accent. For example, make sure you pronounce the “g” at the end of the words “dog” or “bag”.
  1. Lastly, don’t drop out any syllables in a long word. For example, the word “pronunciation” has five syllables (pro-nun-ci-a-tion). Leaving out syllables is another common English pronunciation problem. Leaving out a syllable may make a word easier to pronounce, but it will make your accent harder to understand. Take your time and say each syllable as if it’s a word on its own.

For more simple accent reduction strategies and English pronunciation tips go to and check out our videos and ebook.

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