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Accents in Healthcare

#accentmodification #accentreduction #clear speech #english pronunciation #speech clarity

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Subscription Accent Reduction Services Add Value to Your Company and Employees

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  At Change Your Accent we believe that effective communication is the driver of success for any business. We have been providing effective accent reduction services for our diverse and multinational corporate partners — including those in technology, health care, finance, and construction for over 20 years. They tell us that using our innovative program has resulted in increased employee engagement, improvements in productivity, better staff retention, and greater customer satisfaction. Change Your Accent Consulting has now developed a simple, cost effective way for companies, large and small, to access culturally sensitive accent reduction services allowing employees to learn independently...

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Accent Reduction and Healthcare Workers

# accent reduction # English speaking strategies #accent #accent modification #english pronunciation #esl #improve English pronunciation #pronunciation #speech clarity

Healthcare workers, particularly nurses, are in high demand globally and represent a significant, multicultural workforce. Culturally sensitive accent reduction training is essential to support healthcare workers and to empower them with strategies to successfully improve their communication skills for patient safety.

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Speech Recognition, Accents and Accent Reduction

# accent reduction # English speaking strategies #accent #clear speech #english pronunciation #siri #speech clarity

Have you ever wondered how speech recognition works with accented English pronunciation? My husband swears that his smart phone has something against his British accent (swearing being the most appropriate word choice!). According to Creative Strategies, in a recent Economist magazine technology report, only one third of smart phone owners actually use their Speech Recognition Systems, even though almost 95% of them have tried to use them. ( Speech Recognition is a field of computational linguistics that enables a computer to receive and translate spoken language into text and commands. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, it is much more difficult...

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007’s Secret Accent Reduction Techniques

# English speaking strategies # Sean Connery #007 #accent #accent modification #accent reduction #improve English pronunciation #speaking proper English #speech clarity

  I arrived in Scotland recently expecting to hear all Scotsmen sounding like my favourite 007, Sean Connery, with his low manly brogue and languorously rolled “R”s. Distinct, but completely understandable to my North American ears. The reality was somewhat different upon my first conversation in Scotland – I found myself panicking when I realized that I had absolutely no clue as to what I was being asked by the friendly Scots waiter! It turns out that Scottish accents range from Scottish Standard English to a very broad Scottish accent with a variety in between. The Scots as a general...

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