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Foreign Accents, Bias and Jobs

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Once again, foreign accents in the workplace was in the news. In a recent radio interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Dr. Andrew Timming, an experimental psychologist at the University of Western Australia, laid out how the image one projects impacts employability — and a large part of his discussion centred on accents. His recent research indicates that an ethnic or foreign accent might work against people, and that an unconscious bias against accents may exist when companies hire.  In his study, Dr. Timming had people with different accents apply for a job using the exact same script. He found...

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Conversations That Matter - English, Accents and Diversity

#accentreduction #diversity #english #inclusion

Check out Change Your Accent’s interview about English, accents, accent reduction and diversity. Featured in both the Vancouver Sun and on Conversations That Matter, the interview on accent reduction showcases the need for frank discussions about this relevant topic. Today there are about four times as many people who speak English as their second language, than those who speak it as their native tongue. Veteran broadcaster Stuart McNish interviews Desh Pillay on why being understood in English is so important, and what accent reduction means for diversity.  "This week’s Conversation That Matters is about English and how it grew to be the number...

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Accent Reduction: Empowerment NOT Discrimination

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Okay…although we’ve written about this before, we want to confirm that it is really is okay to talk to someone about accent reduction when an accent is difficult to understand. We’re bringing up this sensitive topic again because we recently talked to an HR Manager who felt accent reduction was discriminatory and culturally intolerant. But would the same HR Manager promote an employee who was difficult to understand? I imagine they would have a hard time with that question.  So if we don’t promote someone because they are difficult to understand, yet are hesitant to talk about accent reduction because...

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