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Read what our clients say about Change Your Accent's proven program and the benefits of successful accent reduction:

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what our clients say about change your accents proven program and the benefits of successful accent reduction

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Subscription Accent Reduction Services Add Value to Your Company and Employees

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  At Change Your Accent we believe that effective communication is the driver of success for any business. We have been providing effective accent reduction services for our diverse and multinational corporate partners — including those in technology, health care, finance, and construction for over 20 years. They tell us that using our innovative program has resulted in increased employee engagement, improvements in productivity, better staff retention, and greater customer satisfaction. Change Your Accent Consulting has now developed a simple, cost effective way for companies, large and small, to access culturally sensitive accent reduction services allowing employees to learn independently...

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Trivial Pursuits: Speaking of English

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We often take speaking English for granted, but the process is both complex and remarkable. It's no wonder we make mistakes and are sometimes left scratching our heads! Being slightly nerdy when it comes to accent reduction and English pronunciation, we at Change Your Accent would like to offer some communication trivia to put things in perspective. Intense coordination is required for speaking English. To produce a simple phrase, about 100 muscles of the chest, throat, jaw, tongue and lips must work together in a precisely timed way. While humans can say about 14 sounds per second, isolated parts of the...

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Conversations That Matter - English, Accents and Diversity

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Check out Change Your Accent’s interview about English, accents, accent reduction and diversity. Featured in both the Vancouver Sun and on Conversations That Matter, the interview on accent reduction showcases the need for frank discussions about this relevant topic. Today there are about four times as many people who speak English as their second language, than those who speak it as their native tongue. Veteran broadcaster Stuart McNish interviews Desh Pillay on why being understood in English is so important, and what accent reduction means for diversity.  "This week’s Conversation That Matters is about English and how it grew to be the number...

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Are Accents Embarrassing?

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  I read an article this week about a university student in England who published an online letter to her mum called “Dear Mum: I’m sorry I used to be embarrassed about your accent”. The letter was written by Shynee Hewavidana, a University of Cambridge student who has since been asked to speak on BBC Radio’s Asian Network after receiving a lot of attention from people who related to how she felt. The title immediately caught my attention from both a Speech Therapy viewpoint and on a personal level, as my mother also has a very noticeable accent. Truthfully, I’ve...

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