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Subscription Accent Reduction Services Add Value to Your Company and Employees

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  At Change Your Accent we believe that effective communication is the driver of success for any business. We have been providing effective accent reduction services for our diverse and multinational corporate partners — including those in technology, health care, finance, and construction for over 20 years. They tell us that using our innovative program has resulted in increased employee engagement, improvements in productivity, better staff retention, and greater customer satisfaction. Change Your Accent Consulting has now developed a simple, cost effective way for companies, large and small, to access culturally sensitive accent reduction services allowing employees to learn independently...

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Can Accent Reduction Improve Your Career?

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I was reading an interesting article today about a journalist, Jessica Evans, with a “Scouse” accent (think Paul McCartney and the BEATLES) who felt that her accent had adversely impacted her career in many ways, both obvious and more subversive. She had moved from Liverpool to London to begin her career as a journalist with excitement. We all have strong emotional attachments to our accents related to our friends, family and identity but the accent discrimination she faced when leaving home caused her to become conflicted about her accent. Once arriving in the big city she had variously been asked...

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Change your Accent for Successful Communication and Confidence on the Job

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At “Change Your Accent” we often see clients who have very high profile careers where speaking skills are a key part of their daily job. I remember working with one woman in particular - let’s call her Anna - whose job required her to be interviewed on TV and radio frequently. She had to speak about a topic that was highly emotional and very controversial. The stress of speaking publicly caused her to get nervous and made her accent more pronounced and her English pronunciation harder to understand. The less she was understood, the more nervous she became and she...

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