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Read what our clients say about Change Your Accent's proven program and the benefits of successful accent reduction:

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what our clients say about change your accents proven program and the benefits of successful accent reduction

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David Attenborough, the Lyre Bird and How to Change Your Accent

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 Speaking of Accents.... I was recently watching a British quiz show that featured a bird imitating car alarms, camera shutters and chain saws with uncanny accuracy. I decided to do some research on this bird thinking that it must certainly be a hoax. What I discovered was a fascinating and extreme example of the ability to listen to and imitate sounds that immediately appealed to my curiosity as a Speech Pathologist and as a specialist in the field of accent reduction and English pronunciation.The Lyre Bird is an Australian ground dwelling bird that is famous for its extraordinary ability to...

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Do Accents Determine How We See People?

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   What do accents say about us? Italian-sexy, French-romantic, Spanish-passionate-are these just stereotypes or do accents really imbue people with certain attributes? I was reading an article recently entitled “Very British Villains”. The author, Chi Luu, suggested that speakers of the Queens English (Received English Pronunciation) are rated to be better educated, intelligent and of a higher socioeconomic class by people who don’t speak the “Queens English”. Conversely, they are also rated to be less trustworthy, less sincere and less kind. Hollywood often casts “posh” English speaking villains such as Alan Rickman in Die Hard and Peter Cushing in Star...

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Gigi Hadid mocked Melania Trump’s Accent and her English Pronunciation

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So, at last week’s American Music Awards we all watched as Gigi Hadid made fun of Melania Trump's accent. Should we have been impressed by her ability to transform her face into Melania’s high cheeked pout and her portrayal of Melania’s accented English pronunciation. Or should we have seen this as the mocking of an accent for a cheap laugh? In this case the backlash was instantaneous. Gigi was derided for her so-called racist bullying with her loudest detractor, predictably being Melania’s husband, the President Elect himself. I found it somewhat hypocritical that he found it racist when his wife’s...

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