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Subscription Accent Reduction Services Add Value to Your Company and Employees

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ESL employees using online accent reduction training program


At Change Your Accent we believe that effective communication is the driver of success for any business. We have been providing effective accent reduction services for our diverse and multinational corporate partners — including those in technology, health care, finance, and construction for over 20 years. They tell us that using our innovative program has resulted in increased employee engagement, improvements in productivity, better staff retention, and greater customer satisfaction.

Change Your Accent Consulting has now developed a simple, cost effective way for companies, large and small, to access culturally sensitive accent reduction services allowing employees to learn independently from anywhere in the world. For a low monthly subscription fee, multiple employees can access our online program which includes our ebook, “Change Your Accent: English Pronunciation for Success” and our comprehensive video library of over 50 targeted practice videos. Change Your Accent’s subscription service provides your employees with access to cutting-edge accent training that targets all of the English-speaking skills required for clear and confident speech. Our program uses scientific methods and is comprehensive, tested and proven to work.

Excellent communication and English pronunciation skills are essential in our increasingly multinational workplace where English has become the global language of business. Change Your Accent’s subscription accent reduction program will help your employees become clear and confident communicators.

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