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Accent Reduction Courses – Tools for Improving English Speaking Skills

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The group of medical professionals including nurses, doctors and physiotherapists filed into the meeting room, wondering what to expect from the accent reduction course that they had been asked to attend by their employer. Some looked nervous and others were doubtful. As the group described some of their negative experiences as a result of their accents, they were emotional. Upon graduation, one nurse had been told by her counsellor, that she should retrain for a different career because of her “thick accent”. A doctor told of his embarrassment, when a group of interns laughed at him when his intended inspirational message came out sounding like he was swearing. Yet another doctor described the dangerous situation she encountered when a medication was incorrectly prescribed because of her accent.

As Speech Pathologists at Change Your Accent, we have years of experience using our proven accent reduction method, and the linguistic knowledge to help our clients’ successfully improve their spoken English. Our goal during this one hour accent reduction class was to teach the group key techniques to help them immediately modify their accents and improve their English speaking skills. We wanted to help these medical professionals avoid any future miscommunications like the ones they had described at the start of our class.

What began as reticent and shy medical professionals transformed into a positive and confident group, motivated to go out and practice their newly learned, accent reduction techniques. Later the same day we received a glowing call from the clinical nurse supervisor, saying “I don’t how you did it, or what you did, but in one hour you have totally improved their English speaking skills and they want to learn more.” Apparently, during rounds everyone was practising the accent reduction strategies they had been taught and everyone could be understood.

Our passion is empowering people with the tools to communicate more effectively. If you, or people in your organization could benefit from improved communication through accent reduction training, please check out or contact us at

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