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My Accent is My Identity – Will Accent Reduction Make Me Lose it All?

At Change Your Accent people often ask us whether accent reduction will cause them to lose their accent forever. The simple answer to this is – No. We don’t want you to lose your identity, part of which is your accent and which speaks to your heritage and who you are. Change Your Accent will give you the accent reduction tools and strategies to improve your English pronunciation so that you can speak English more clearly, with confidence and be better understood. Some people may learn to speak English without a detectable accent –but put them back in the local trattoria surrounded by family and you will soon hear that accent coming right back.

Accent reduction empowers you with the ability to communicate with confidence and allows you to focus on what you are saying and not how you are saying it. With practice, the choice is yours to turn your accents on and off as you like. It’s less like losing one accent but gaining access to another one!

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