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Change your Accent for Successful Communication and Confidence on the Job

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At “Change Your Accent” we often see clients who have very high profile careers where speaking skills are a key part of their daily job. I remember working with one woman in particular - let’s call her Anna - whose job required her to be interviewed on TV and radio frequently. She had to speak about a topic that was highly emotional and very controversial. The stress of speaking publicly caused her to get nervous and made her accent more pronounced and her English pronunciation harder to understand. The less she was understood, the more nervous she became and she was then unable to successfully get her point across. Anna’s employer sent her on a TV broadcasting course, thinking that this would help her to be understood during interviews. She was forced to take the course twice, without any improvement in her English speaking skills. A friend then told Anna about “Change Your Accent”. After analyzing her English pronunciation, we realized that she needed to work on specific consonant sounds at the beginning of words, her rate of speech and her intonation. Anna came back, so excited after three sessions with me, to say that her employer could not believe the change in her ability to communicate effectively and the improvement in her English pronunciation. Anna also told me that, for her, the biggest benefit of changing her accent was the confidence that she had gained.

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