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Our Top 5 Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation Tips

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The next five accent reduction tips will improve English pronunciation and help you sound more like a native English speaker! Speech Therapists use these accent reduction techniques when teaching clients to speak English clearly with great success. Follow these tips and your English speaking skills and English pronunciation will definitely improve.

  1. Use the right melody. The melody of a language is incredibly important for being understood and for conveying meaning. When you use the melodic rules of your own language when speaking English this can be incredibly distracting. Try using an English intonation pattern by raising your pitch on an early important word and then slowly dropping your pitch  towards the end of the sentence. Adopting this rising and falling melody when speaking English will help you to sound more natural.
  2. Learn when to link your words together. The natural flow of speech and how some words are connected together is referred to as linking. Linking makes speech sound less formal and more natural. You can do this by connecting the final consonant of one word to the next word if it starts with a vowel or by attaching two words together when the first one ends in the same consonant as the next words starts with. ( an egg/anegg or ten numbers/tenumbers)
  3. Use contractions. A contraction is when two or more grammatical words are shortened by dropping at least one sound and adding an apostrophe. This is really just another form of linking and helps speech flow. To sound less formal and more relaxed use contractions regularly.
  4. Open your mouth. To make sure that you are being understood and that all your sounds are being heard move your mouth fully when speaking English. This will help you with your English pronunciation and make sure you don't omit any of the trickier sounds.
  5. Learn some casual phrases that you hear English speakers frequently say to each other. Using commonly spoken phrases will help you to sound more like a natural English speaker. Also try to mimic the way the phrase is spoken. The more often you use the phrase the easier the English pronunciation will become. So the next time you run into your English speaking friends say Howsit goin?” and you’ll feel like you are part of the group.

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